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Here are a selection of testimonials showing how advertising on The Million Dollar Homepage can bring great results. Pixel owners, do you have a success story to share? Please get in touch!

"We were very skeptical about advertising on the Million Dollar Homepage; even though the visitor numbers are undeniable, we did not think that un-targeted traffic would result in actual sales. To say that we were surprised with the results would be an understatement. Our sales increased 40 50% within a week of going up on the Million Dollar Homepage through all of our online retailers and have stayed at this level until now. We are still measuring the impact this had on sales through traditional retailers."

James Calloway, President, DS Laboratories, Inc., USA
Pixels purchased: 800

"Our hits have quadrupled, and our sales have gone through the roof. We only bought pixel space for a bit of fun, but now it's as though we're a part of Internet history. Where were you when the million dollar homepage launched? We'd like to congratulate Alex and his team and say thank you for helping our business grow"

Will Marston, Managing Director, Lollipop Animation, UK
Pixels purchased: 600

"Getting traffic is not an easy task on the internet. I should know as I own one of the largest website promotion services online. I am always on the lookout for sites that can sell advertising space at a reasonable cost. However when I compared the cost of 10 pixels vs. the amount of traffic that the MillionDollarHomePage.com was getting, I couldn't resist. I made the buy only to find that the choice was right. Our traffic has gone up substantially as proved by Alexa.com, and Monday the 19th was one of our biggest day's in business. We had doubled our orders from the weekend alone, not to mention our DEMO's have gone through the roof. Thank you Alex for the very fair price and for the traffic (sales) that you have given to us. Good luck with hitting your million dollar mark!"

Chris Magras, President, Evisions Marketing Inc & EngineSeeker.com, USA
Pixels purchased: 6,400

"Since placing a one-square ad on Million Dollar Homepage, we have seen our web traffic go from 90 hits a day to an average of 5000. One day saw a 19,500 hit count. I've been interviewed by BBC Radio and have won thousands of pounds worth of new clients. This was the most cost-effective piece of Marketing I have ever conducted."

Steve Fair, Managing Director, Sponge New Business, UK
Pixels purchased: 100
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"I only bought 4 blocks for $400 and the hits (and more importantly revenue from my site has exploded!) ... I'm going to be adding another block today!"

Chris Dutton
Pixels purchased: 400

We first came across Million Dollar when Alex had just 7 people advertising on his site (7th September). We could see that the idea was going to capture the imagination and explode, so we went for it and bought 300 pixels in what was (at the time) prime location at the top left of the page. We were all alone up there. Overnight we saw an 1800% increase of hits to our site and a total of 1200% for the month of September. We were simply happy to support a student that has that kind of imagination to come up with a brilliant idea - we are even happier with the results we received from our $300 investment. To this day The Million Dollar Homepage still remains our largest referrer helping with a 500% increase in hits for October, so its still working.

Greg, The Date Exchange
Pixels purchased: 300

"We loved the idea of the Million Dollar Homepage and thought we had nothing to lose by spending a few hundred dollars, placing the Peerclix green smilie icon on the homepage. Wow! After just TWO DAYS, we've seen visitors to our PeerclixPSP site nearly double, all for a $400 dollar investment. We'll definitely be buying more pixels for our PeerclixiPod 'Nano' site launching at the end of the month."

Simon MacTaggart
Pixels purchased: 400

"In December of 2004, I bought a 30-day, US$2000 ad on the American Cinematographer website. It was a top-of-the-page banner, 468x60. The site apparently gets 1.5-million visitors each December. Know how many unique visits I got? 138. Yes, that's 138. For the US$200 I spent on your site, I've gotten ten times that number, and in the same amount of time."

Lance Mazmanian
Pixels purchased: 200

"I am a recent customer (the lightning bolt to the left of the Ace of Spades:TopLeftish) and I am very happy with the results I have gotten so far(800% traffic increase)."

Nick Gresh
Pixels purchased: 100

"Anyway just thought I'd let you know that much to my surprise the pixels are already working and I'm seeing nearly 50 hits a day to my site www.whattogive.com . That's more than I get from paid ads on Google! I haven't worked out exactly how many new signups this has brought but the signup stats have definitely gone up."

Benjamin Jefferson
Pixels purchased: 100

"MillionDollarHomePage.com has proved to be a fantastic investment for manboobs.co.uk. For a relatively small outlay our hits have increased 10 fold in 2 days. Great idea which really works. Thanks Alex !"

Ian Whitcombe
Pixels purchased: 100

"The Million Dollar Homepage changed everything completely! On September 14, 2005, I had decided to do what I considered the most irresponsible investment I'd ever made. "Or... it could be your best ever investment!" was the short and simple answer of Alex Tew. How right he was on that. Visitor numbers increased from a few till a few thousands a day, and more important, keep on climbing!"

Martijn Overman
Pixels purchased: 800

"Id like to share our delight with your idea and the impact it had on our business. As soon as we learned about the Million Dollar Homepage we purchased two blocks of pixels for a total of US$1,200. Our total advertising revenue doubled in October 2005, with some contribution from your venture. We are considering additional advertising on the miiliondollarhomepage.com as a direct result of ROI."

Alan Juristovski, MetroLeap Media Inc.
www.lyricsforall.com and www.metrolyrics.com
Pixels purchased: 1,200

"Been really pleased with my $100 worth of pixels - I've had an amazing number of hits."

Edd Read
Pixels purchased: 100

"A 10x traffic increase! Not bad!"

Sean Patrick MacDonald
Pixels purchased: 900

The Million Dollar Homepage has been a life-saver for me! In October it was my top source of web visitors and in the 3 months I've had my two pixels there I've seen a huge increase in traffic. It's the best $200 of advertising I've spent since I launched my website. It really works!"

Lawrence Biren
Pixels purchased: 200
This page last updated: 28th December 2005

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